Long Hair, How to Treat in Summer

Long Hair, How to Treat in Summer

The long hair in the summer can be a real problem especially if you do not know how to manage them well. The first recommendation is to do that, especially in the beach, the hair should be collected with a tape or a rubber band soft to avoid the sun, wind and salt fibrin them too. Of course, before any exposure to the sun, just like our skin, the hair should be carefully protected with a cream or oil with UV filters. Then all the great accessories like hair bands and headbands that allow you to be comfortable and fashionable. Before you go thinking it will be essential to the beauty of your hair with a cosmetic bag that includes all key products. So do not forget a specific shampoo, the conditioner and mask to give nourishment to the hair after a day at the beach. Also important protection in the form of oil or cream to apply every morning before going to sea.

How to protect long hair on the beach

The beach holidays can be very stressful for our hair, especially if they are long. The advice is to always apply an oil or a protection to keep them soft and to avoid the formation of unpleasant nodes. To avoid tearing your hair then you need to use a comb or a brush with wide teeth: in the evening then use a shampoo for hair in the summer and make a mask that will soften them and reinforcements. At the beach would also be good to use a scarf or a bandana, in addition to being fashionable, they are also perfect for protecting colored hair by bleaching effects of the sun and the sea.

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Hair accessories

at sea become essential hair accessories: the beach, you can make a bun or a simple ponytail and stop the clump with a headband or a bandana. With regard to the hairstyles to show off, even on the beach, you will be spoiled for choice: what do you think for example of a soft braid that you can easily transform into a bun really chic for the evening? Even the ponytail is very practical, especially if you like the beach try all kinds of summer sports. Remember that summer is the time to be bold, have fun then to try many different hairstyles, such as Scarlett Johansson bohemian braid or ponytail concatenate, which will give an air of casual chic perfect for a pleasurable holiday.

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