The length of the hair determines the ability to manage them as best as you want. In particular, there are several ways to bring the long hair that lend themselves to a lot of hair: straight, curly or collected. The tools at their disposal are many: from the plate (the price of which is now on the market is much lowered by their placing on the market), the common curly hair mousses, to the pegs to collect the hair. Every day you can invent a different look.

A first way to keep long hair is to make them smooth. Even in the case where the hair was smooth and heavy by nature, often the need is felt will accommodate at least the tips. In many opt for the plate, preferably ceramic: convenient and practical, permits a snapshot of the hair, although it should be noted that an excessive and repeated use weakens him, sfibrandolo. To avoid damage, it is advisable to use the creams and / or apply nourishing masks and hydrating.

Another way to style long hair is to get the effect moved: his strong point is that even in rainy days and high humidity is not sacrificed, as is the case with the smooth effect that can be achieved by plating the hair. The wavy hair can be created in several ways: there are rounded plates that allow hair braiding to be around and have a “bushing” immediate, or you may use the curlers. In any case it is good that at the end of the operation to apply a mousse or a special cream to keep the ‘”hedgehog effect” that otherwise will last a short time can be found easily on the market in common supermarkets.

The last way to wear long hair is to collect them, not only with the ponytail, that no matter how convenient it may be boring and annoying, but also collect only the top at the front allows you to keep your hair down but with the convenience of remove the hassle of hair in front of the eyes are usually used to collect the pegs small and we help with the black hairpins to fix any unruly hair. Another way to collect the hair partially is to use a band: it allows you comfort such that no hair will arise before my eyes and put your face in prominence.