How to Make The Helmet Without Cutting Your Hair

How to Make The Helmet Without Cutting Your Hair

Every season there are imposed on the changes in our looks, depending on the whims of fashion, are not excluded from this even the hairstyles. But instead there is a hairstyle among many that despite the years is always in fashion, the bob. Let’s see how to do this hairstyle without cutting your hair.

Being the fashion something very variable, a season provides the long hair and the next the cropped hair, stay there behind it really becomes a business. As already stated in the opening of the guide, there is one among many, in fact the helmet, which remains always in vogue, always current, suitable for every occasion and above all very easy to accomplish. For all those who love this hairstyle but do not have the courage to cutting their long hair, which has been studied here is a method to create a wrong bob without necessarily resorting to cutting, this new hairstyle is called “fake Bob.”

We prepare everything necessary, to achieve this hairstyle we would need: a brush, a comb, a hair straightener and some hairpins robust enough and lacquer have good seals. Advice, to shape our hair the right way, Moldavia the day before, we would avoid the annoying problem that can electrify pettifogging compromising the hairstyle. Let’s start with the brush the hair accurately, untangling the knots in the case during the night if they are to be formed. Once we proceeded to brush them decide if we should bring them all back or make a dividing line to the right or the left. In our case we decide to make a line on the left.

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We brush separating the hair again. With a soft elastic so as not to spoil the texture of the hair, we do a low ponytail. The binding must be evaluated based on the actual length of our hair, the best one is about 5 inches from the tips. We make a few turns with the strap in order to keep the hair firmly between them. Now we roll our tail in placing the tips under the back of his neck. With the help of hairpins, we begin to fix all of the hair. For a look decidedly more perky, we could leave out a few strands at the front, we’re going to shape with the help of the plate. Once the hair is over to make it stay in place could use a generous splash of lacquer.

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