How to Cut the Hair of a Child with a Machine

How to Cut the Hair of a Child with a Machine

Cut your hair to a child is not easy: the inability to stand still for so long, the fear and / or curiosity about the scissors make this particularly onerous. Find a hairdresser patient and good with children would be the ideal would spare tears and tantrums and avoid disaster to the hair of our children. Unfortunately our trusted hairdresser is not always willing to take over the burden then it is preferable to opt for a simple and fast method, especially suited to the hair of the boys: the cut with the machine.

Prepare the child: E ‘need to sit him and put a cape that shelters from hair fall. If the baby is small, you can think of doing kneel or put a pillow on the chair in order to assume a more comfortable position while cutting. The hair should be dry.

Adjust the machine: In the market there are many models of razors; best, in addition to being equipped with a ring nut for adjusting the length of the comb and to direct the hair, incorporating the scissors to finish the cut. Especially if you are a beginner, you should set the blade at a depth not excessive in order to remedy in case of errors. It ‘good to keep in mind that the machines are equipped with a safety mechanism that reduces to zero the risk of injury or to harm.

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Proceed with the cut: It ‘best to start from the back and move up. After this first step, are on the sides, then the center of the head. Must always be in the opposite direction to the direction of hair growth in such a way that the comb can collect them all, allowing the machine to cut in a uniform manner. The final stage is the area around the ears: it is preferable to use scissors to avoid causing harm to the child if it should move suddenly. The more adventurous can try their hand with a razor, in that case, you remove the comb from the machine and you will have to proceed more carefully. Having a support person in this but also in the other phases, will serve to distract the child more easily. Focus his attention elsewhere would remove impress, moving too much and interfering in the movements to be made.

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