Everyone wants their wedding to be a perfect day. While some things are not under your control like a shower on your wedding day, there are many things related to your wedding preparation that you can control with care and avoid any mistakes that might spoil your big day for you. Given below are a few mistakes that you should avoid so as to have perfect wedding day:

Do not spend everything just on wedding dress

Spending too much on your wedding dress is not such a good idea, especially when you have already planned a budget for your wedding preparations. Also it is not necessary to spend the whole money that you have set aside for your wedding attire in buying your dress. You will also be needing other things to go with your dress like alterations, accessories, shoes, jewelry, etc.

Be flexible when choosing flowers

Flowers are very important in a wedding. But it would be wise to not get stuck on getting a particular type of flower. When hiring the services of a florist for your wedding decorations, see which flowers will be freshly available for your wedding day that will also fit nicely in your decoration budget. Trying different combinations without hurting your budget will make your wedding venue look exquisite.

Make enough time for hair and make-up on your wedding day

As a bride you must keep sufficient time to get ready comfortably and without rushing things. Make sure that there is enough time for you and your bridesmaid to get ready and make it to the ceremony on time. Also see that your stylist arrives on time and get your hair and makeup done just the way you want so that you could look the most perfect bride on your wedding day.

Book your wedding venue only after making a guest list

This can be a tricky business as booking a wedding venue is one of the first things that comes to people’s mind when they are preparing for a wedding. They try to book a venue as soon as possible otherwise they may not get the desired venue for the day of wedding. But it is equally important to create a guest list before making any booking. You must know how many guests you would be inviting to the wedding so that you could decide the size of venue to accommodate all the guests comfortably.